• John Wheeler Is Proud Of FitnessOne

  • Posted on August 14, 2015
  • John Wheeler founded FitnessOne in Toronto, Canada, because he knew that the community could use a place where activity was the central aim. Not working out so that they could lose weight, though there is nothing wrong with that, but staying active so that they could lead healthier lives. John Wheeler saw a dearth of active options in Toronto, especially during the winter months—FitnessOne offers an alternative to staying home or doing something that is not healthy. He understands how much of a difference living a healthy lifestyle can make for people. John Wheeler is proud of FitnessOne because it makes use not only of a cutting-edge facility and excellent machinery, but of a wonderful staff and a vast array of interactive programs are on offer. Members love taking advantage of the interactive programs, which offer a unique opportunity to remain active and get to know fellow members.

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